Borders College


STEM is an education curriculum that focuses heavily on the subjects of

  • Science,
  • Technology,
  • Engineering, and
  • Mathematics.

At Borders College we have an umbrella title for any project that comes under these subject areas: BSTEM, as in Borders College STEM.

Extract from our Outcome agreement
Inward investment in the region by an international company which supports the local authority aspiration around digital technologies, along with the range of smaller technology-based companies operating in the region, has led the College to re-examine its digital media and computing curriculum for both mainstream and school/college programmes.

Employer demand for welding and fabrication qualifications and for qualifications in the off-site manufacturing of timber frame housing have led to proposals to further expand our STEM curriculum where funding is available. This follows on from the recent expansion of the engineering curriculum, and along with our continuing commitment to the construction sector, these initiatives make up the College’s current strategy for developing and expanding its STEM curriculum.

Our target for 2018/2019 is to increase the delivery to students on STEM courses to 17.7% of all college credits. 

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