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A College and School Partnership Programme

The Borders College Schools Academy provides an integrated approach to education, where senior phase pupils are given the opportunity to learn a range of vocational skills, both practical and academic. These provide them with a vocational pathway on to further and higher education at a range of different levels.

The Borders College Schools Academy will widen senior pupils’ experience of education and broaden their horizons, whilst learning skills that will help them in their future career choices.

Pupils will be taught in college or school by specialist college lecturers, who will liaise closely with the school. The subjects are taught as part of the senior phase timetable except for the SESAP Academies that are delivered in partnership with Queen Margaret University.

Senior pupils who are successful in gaining their qualification through this programme and have satisfactory references will be offered a full-time place on a related course the following year.

Borders College Schools Academy Course Guide

To download a pdf copy of the guide please click on the following link: Borders College Schools Academy Course Guide Download Link (pdf). To open the eBook version click on the image below.





Borders College is one of Scotland’s top Colleges. The Scottish Funding Council publishes the national Performance Indicator data for college students each year.

Most of the Schools Academy courses are based on Scottish Qualification Authority National Qualifications at a range of levels. Successful completion of Unit Assessments or full National Certificates will appear on SQA Certificates along with other qualifications attained at school.

How to Apply for courses delivered in College:

  • Borders College send schools Application Packs to complete.
  • Pupils apply through their schools via the Pastoral staff.
  • Completed Application, Reference and Medical Information forms along with pupil and Parental Agreement forms should be returned to the pupil’s Pastoral Teacher.
  • These are forwarded on to Borders College.

How to Apply for courses delivered by SESAP Academies:

  • Entry to the Academies is competitive. You will need to formally apply for a place by completing an application form (supplied by the school).
  • You will then be invited for an interview, either at the school or at Queen Margaret University.

For more information visit:

How to Apply for Courses Delivered in School

  • Pupils will be selected by the school.

General Advice

If travelling to College, transport arrangements will be organised by the school.

For those pupils who attend College, personal protective equipment required will be supplied by the College; otherwise the school will provide the equipment. Once issued, it is the responsibility of the pupil to bring the protective equipment to college in order to undertake the course. Pupils will not be able to take the class without this equipment.

College lecturers will be liaising with schools on a regular basis, reporting on the pupils’ progress and attendance.

The College Environment
Although entering an adult environment, Borders College, through its Safeguarding Policy, aims to make sure that pupils are safe and well whilst in the College and provides a safe place in which to learn.
Whilst in the College environment, pupils must behave in a responsible way and respect fellow students, staff and college property.

Please Note:
The College will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver courses in accordance with the description set on in the course guide. However, the College will manage its affairs in ways which are efficient and cost effective, therefore, reserves the right to alter or amend the contents or methods of delivery of courses, to discontinue courses and to merge and combine courses if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the College.

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