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Faculty Councils

Faculty Councils

The Faculty Councils are led and chaired by students who are elected by their classes to represent their views on learning and teaching and other matters important to students to the managers of the Faculty. The College does provide training to the representatives to help them in this important role. It is the most meaningfully way in which students can influence the curriculum, teaching and the future of the Faculty.

The Faculty Council has similarities to other bodies in our democratic society and in the business world such as local authority councils and company boards. It is extremely important as it allows students views to be heard and considered in faculty plans. The students have an opportunity to experience what it is like to be an elected representative sitting on and managing the business of a council and reporting back to their electorate. In this sense its function is an important component in improving the services we provide to students.

Faculty Council Minutes

Faculty Council Minutes can be viewed on the Students' Association website: Opens in a new window.