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Student Representation at Borders College

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What is Student Representation?

The Students’ Association exists to represent your views, making sure your college experience is the best it can be – this is known as ‘student representation’. The main way we do this is through elected Student Representative (or ‘Reps’) who gather your views about the college. Reps then feed your views back to the Students Association.

What happens with my feedback?

Once the student has received feedback from the reps, we then work with a small group of Lead Reps whose job is to share your views with staff members, suggest solutions, and work together with staff to bring about change. Lead Reps meet with college staff at Student Experience Committee (SEC) meetings, which take place three times a year. The Students’ Association shares the outcomes of these meetings on their website and send out information to students letting them know what has changed as a result of their feedback.

How can I become a Student Representative?

Each year classes at Borders College will elect a Student Representative. Put yourself forward as a candidate if you’d like to be involved!

We nominate Lead Reps at the end of each college year. If you think you’d like to work as a Lead Rep, get in touch with the Students’ Association for more information on the role!

SEC Minutes

SEC minutes can be viewed on the Students' Association website: