Deer Management Certificate Level 1

Course Introduction

The aim of the Standard and related assessments is to enable candidates to demonstrate their understanding of basic deer management principles and to show competence in legally, safely and humanely culling deer, and dealing with carcasses.

The Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 assessments are a series of tests of knowledge and skill which must be passed before a Certificate can be granted.  The assessments are conducted by a qualified team of assessors.

A practical shooting assessment will then be arranged with clients.

To be awarded the Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 you must demonstrate knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Deer biology and ecology - the life and reproductive cycles, habitat requirements and behaviour of the six species of wild deer.

The law - the legal basis for the use of firearms and the culling of wild deer.

Stalking techniques and taking the shot - a theoretical knowledge of the basis of stalking techniques, points of aim and the reaction of the deer to shot placement.

Deer identification - an ability to identify the six species of deer normally found in the wild in the UK, being able to distinguish between the male and female of each species in both summer and winter pelage.

Safety- an ability to safely handle firearms and other tools and equipment in a simulated stalking environment.  This includes the use of knives and extraction equipment where appropriate.

Shooting - an ability to shoot accurately and consistently in a simulated stalking environment.

Trained Hunter - knowledge of the inspection of carcasses and the legal requirements enabling an individual to sell venison for human consumption.

The assessments for the certificate are arranged as follows:

Written Assessment A multiple choice written paper with 50 questions drawn from a bank.  Pass mark required 80%. 

Visual Assessment Twenty photographs, all to be identified by species and sex.  Pass mark required 80%.

Safety Assessment Oral questions based around scenarios in a simulated stalking environment.  There are ten questions selected from a standard 24.  The majority of the questions will be relevant to the local area.  All questions must be answered correctly according to the criteria laid down in each question. 

Shooting Assessment A range based shooting assessment requiring the placement of 3 shots in a four inch circle at 100 yards, followed by a series of shots at a simulated deer target in three positions, prone, sitting or kneeling, and standing.

Large Game Competency Assessment A multiple choice written paper with 40 questions drawn from a bank. Pass mark required 80%.

You are required to pass all five assessments before being awarded the Level 1 certificate. Exemption from taking the Large Game assessment may be given to anyone providing proof of having previously gained an acceptable qualification covering this element.


Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1


Delivery is usually 5 x 2-hour sessions followed by a 2-hour test during session 6.  All sessions are delivered at Borders College Campus, Newtown St Boswells, from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.


Scottish Borders, Edinburgh and Lothians

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There is an option to sit 'Test Only' on this course.

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