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Apply Online
You can apply online, on this website, once you have selected the course of your choice.

When to Apply for courses starting in August 2018
We welcome applications from 1 December 2017.

If you are a student at the college currently and wish to apply for the next level of course you should submit your application before the deadline of 19th January 2018. Your application will be considered by the Faculty Progression Board in February. There is no requirement to be interviewed.

Course Application Guidelines for Students

The following guidelines should be followed when applying for a course.

All applicants should read the course details on the college website or published prospectus, taking particular note of the entry requirements and progression routes available, prior to submitting an application.

The college wants to prepare and plan as quickly as possible to support your needs and would appreciate if applicants could highlight any additional learning support requirements. Complete the section detailing your additional needs within the application form.

All applicants who are in care or are care experienced will be automatically forwarded to the Second Stage of the application process.

Further help and/or advice is available to help you with the application process by contacting the Advice Centre on 01896 662516.

Full Time Only

  1. Applications are made through an online portal on the college website.
  2. In exceptional circumstances paper applications may be available from the Student Advice Centre.
  3. Only one application per person is permitted.
  4. The online portal will open for applications from December.
  5. For some subject areas, demand is extremely high and applicants should apply as soon as they can.
  6. Applications will remain open throughout the year until the maximum number of places has been reached for that course or until the end of September.
  7. Applicants will receive an automated response acknowledging receipt of their application.
  8. In some instances, due to the nature of some of our more specialist courses, you may be required to attend for a personal interview prior to a first stage decision being made.

Applications will then be passed to the faculty team for first stage decision

First Stage Decision will be confirmed based on the following checks:

  • Entry requirements matched against current or expected qualification results
  • Confirmation of only one application received per person
  • Content of the Personal Statement
  • Status of applicants who have been in or are currently in care i.e. kinship/foster/residential, looked after at home or who are care leavers.
  • Consideration of the impact of spent and/or unspent conviction. This information will be requested from the applicant and treated confidentially.

First Stage Outcomes will be one of the following:

  • Full offer of place
  • Conditional offer of place
  • Referred to another course or organisation

Note: Conditional offers are given when applicants are working towards achieving a qualification, entry criteria or some other criteria or arrangement (e.g. attendance plan) before they can be accepted onto a college course.

  1. Applicants will be notified of the First stage outcome and where an offer, either Full or Conditional is made, the applicant will be required to confirm their acceptance of this offer.
  2. Following receipt of the confirmation of acceptance of offer, applicants will be invited to apply online for funding they may be eligible to receive:-

Bursary or Educational Maintenance Allowance for Further Education students
SAAS for Higher Education students

when these applications processes open – usually in April

  1. Applicants who receive and accept a Conditional offer of place will enter a second stage decision process and will be required to attend an Information Day as part of their conditional offer of place.

SECOND STAGE DECISION - applicable to those holding a conditional offer of place

Second Stage Decision will be confirmed based on the following:

  • Attendance and performance at an Information Day
  • Satisfactory reference check (including PVG check where appropriate)
  • Successful completion of skills test (where appropriate)
  • Care leavers or Care experienced applicants - level of course confirmed

Second Stage Outcomes will be one of the following:

  • Full offer of place
  • Conditional offer of place
  • Referred to other course or organisation
  1. Applicants who have accepted a Full offer or Conditional offer should ensure they apply online for funding they may be eligible to help support their study:-

Bursary or Educational Maintenance Allowance for Further Education students
SAAS for Higher Education students

Note: Applications for funding normally open in April. They will have a deadline for applications date stated which you should ensure you are aware of.

    1. All applicants who have accepted an offer of place (Full or Conditional) will be invited to an Essential Information Session in June where timetables, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other important preparation will be discussed and/or arranged.


THIRD STAGE DECISION - applicable to those with conditional offers awaiting exam results

Third Stage Decision will be confirmed based on:-

  • the outcome of external exam results in early August.

Third Stage Outcomes will be either:

  • Full Offer - condition met, or
  • Unsuccessful - condition not met.
  1. All successful applicants will be invited to attend the Welcome to College Day in mid-August to undertake enrolment and initial induction in preparation for commencing study.


Personal Statement

If you’ve already made up your mind and know which course you’d like to do then don’t delay, apply online - you will need a current email address and to have your personal statement prepared.

The personal statement is your opportunity to tell us about your suitability for the course that you hope to study. You need to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment.

Explain why you want to study the course. Mention your hobbies and other special interests, any interests related to your chosen course, your skills, aptitudes and personal qualities, your future career aims, previous employment and relevant experience. Try to link them to the skills and experience required for the course.

If you feel that you have had little formal work experience, try to think of things you have done in your personal life that you could use for example.

  • Have you helped organise any events?
  • Done anything for charity or voluntary work?
  • Babysat?
  • Had a paper round?

Put these down in your statement and try to think what relevant skills you needed to do these things.

Personal statements are used to select candidates who wish to study at Borders College.

This may be your only written work that the course tutor sees before making a decision - make sure it is organised and well worded. Get the grammar, spelling and punctuation right. A statement filled with errors will give a negative impression of your skills and the effort you have put in to being accepted.

Your statement must be written in English, even if English is not your first language.

The personal statement is important in the selection process and should be carefully considered before submission. It should be between 250 and 300 words in length.

Further Help and Guidance
For further help and guidance, please contact: Student Advice Centre on 01896 662516 or email: