Borders College

Care Aware


As a student at Borders College we will ensure you have a dedicated advisor and support if you are under the age of 26 and are:

  • Looked After at Home: where you are looked after at home subject to a supervision order requirement from a Children’s Hearing.
  • In Kinship Care: where you are not able to live with your birth parents either for long or short periods
  • In Foster Care: where a Foster Carer provides a family life when you cannot live with your own parents and you require to be looked after away from home.
  • In Residential: Where you live with a group of other young people looked after by paid staff who work in a shift basis.
  • Care Leaver: where you have recently left any of the situations as mentioned above.

Or you are:

  • A Young Carer:  where you provide assistance to an adult or sibling who could not manage otherwise, due to frailty, illness, disability or addiction.

Your dedicated advisor will support you to overcome any additional barriers created by any life circumstances which may affect your attendance, progression and achievement on your chosen programme of study. 

We will:

  • Provide support and guidance to complete an application form, personal statement and help you to prepare for your interview
  • Provide guidance and support through the process of applying for funding, childcare, transport and accommodation where required. We will also refer you for a Carers Support Plan, if applicable.
  • Discuss flexible attendance and support for learning needs
  • Offer a visit to the Campus to look at the facilities and answer any questions you may have
  • Discuss options for referral to outside agencies for extra support


We will:

  • Allocate a named person that you can contact during your time at college for advice
  • Meet with you during the academic year to provide ongoing guidance
  • Help you to access additional support services when required
  • Discuss with you how you are progressing with your studies and offer advice and support on your next steps

For more information please contact Jen our Care Aware Adviser:
Jen our Care Aware Adviser




Scottish Care Leavers’ CovenantScottish Care Leavers’ Covenant

We are proud to work with the Scottish Care Leavers' Covenant to help improve outcomes for care experienced young people.

The Scottish Care Leavers Covenant is a bold step to make the changes needed to give care leavers the bright and better future they deserve. It outlines the cross-sector approach to support the implementation of Part 10 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, by bringing consistency to entitlement and support to young people.

Care leavers often struggle on their journey into adulthood. For many, the leap from care to independence is just too great, and young people continue to experience problems that lead to much poorer outcomes than their peers.

This is why this Covenant is needed - to change thinking and practice and effect a culture shift to tackle these issues