Borders College

Attendance Requirements

Bursary, EMA & Student Funding Attendance Requirements
Important Information for 2017/18

Students are required to attend all timetabled classes including placement and study.
Those in receipt of funding will lose payments if they don’t have full attendance.

Payment Periods
Payments are made into your bank account every fortnight. You will receive information on the payment dates as part of your award.
Students must attend all classes every week in each fortnight in order that they continue to be paid at the full rate of their award. Failure to meet this 100% weekly attendance requirement will result in no payment for that week.

Allowed Absence
Students are expected to arrange personal appointments e.g. to attend Doctors, Dentists etc outwith scheduled timetabled classes. However, we recognise that sometimes things happen that prevent you attending classes; therefore we give an overall allowance for the year of 16 days for absences (split into two periods) that can be used for a range of reasons, including short-term illness.

These days cannot be used for additional holidays taken during term-time.

Please note that, even if you only miss one class in a day, you will use one of your allowed absence days. Once you have used all your allowed absences you will lose your payment for any week where you do not attend 100% of all timetabled classes.

  • Number of Allowed Absences  – 8 days
    Attendance Period  – 28th August 2017 – 21st December 2017

  • Number of Allowed Absences  – 8 days
    Attendance Period  – 8th January 2018 – 18th June 2018

Students are no longer required to submit absence notification forms to the Student Advice Centre.

Where a student has an extended absence for a medical reason this must be covered by a ‘Fit for Work’ note (sick line) from a GP which should be submitted to the Student Advice Centre. These do not count towards the allowable absences.

If you feel you have exceptional circumstances which may explain an extended absence you should contact the student funding team.