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£112,000 fund launched to help businesses in the Borders work more flexibly

An initiative to help build skills, growth, equality of opportunity and productivity in the workplace has just been launched by the Scottish Government and is supported by Colleges Scotland.  The allocation to Borders College is just over £112,000.

Borders College Principal Angela Cox

The Flexible Workforce Development Fund will be introduced to provide employers with workforce development training to up-skill and re-skill their existing workforce. The initiative is in direct response to a call from employers in their response to the Scottish Government’s recent consultation on the introduction of the UK Apprenticeship Levy.

Commenting on the new scheme, Borders College Principal Angela Cox said: “Borders College has a good track record of working with employers across Scotland. The Flexible Workforce Development Fund will enable us to carry on and expand our support for employers in preparing their current workforce for the future.

“I would urge any levy-paying employer to contact us directly so that we can work together to access this funding.  Contact should be made to Deirdre McKendry – – or by calling 0796 813 5407.

“We hope this is the start of a longer term project and is an effective way of supporting our employers to develop their workforce.”

Scotland’s colleges already play a vital role in working with employers to meet the demand of the labour market by successfully developing and delivering work-based skills and producing skilled, qualified workers across all sectors. Our partnerships with business means that we understand the needs of employers, and can work effectively with them to identify their specific requirements and how these can best be met. The Flexible Workforce Development Fund is a significant and welcome addition to this partnership working.

The flexible approach of colleges and the ability of the college sector to adapt and respond quickly to changing demands have been recognised. Colleges are in a strong position to meet the requirements for delivery of this fund in the current academic year. This flexibility, coupled with the robust quality assurance that underpins college provision, will contribute significantly to the successful, efficient delivery of the fund through the college sector.

Borders College, through their Business Development team, is looking forward to working with employers to meet their needs both locally and nationally, prioritize provision that meets known skills gaps in the economy and support the drive for inclusive, sustainable growth.

Photo: Angela Cox - Borders College Principal.

Published: Fri 8th Sep, 2017