Borders College

A donation with a difference at College salon 

A unique contribution to charity was made last month when Borders College hair salon client Emma Douglas decided to brave the chop and donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust. And who better to carry out the cut than Hairdressing student and best friend Catherine Wood.


Level 3 Hairdressing student Catherine said: “Emma’s hair was very long and when she talked to me about cutting it, we thought it would be nice to not only give her a re-style but also benefit others at the same time by donating the hair. It was a great opportunity to support the Little Princess Trust.”


Catherine took on the task of restyling Emma’s hair in the College salon, resulting in almost 12 inches of hair suitable for donation. The Trust use donated hair to help create real hair wigs for boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.


In keeping with the guidelines laid out by the Trust, Emma attended her salon appointment with shampooed, dried and uncoloured hair, leaving Catherine to braid Emma’s hair before cutting off the braid ready for donation. This was followed by a conditioning treatment and re-style.

Well done to Catherine and Emma for supporting such a special cause – we’re sure it will be very much appreciated by the end recipients.

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Published: Sun 7th May, 2017