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Art student Catrina all set for vlogging in Venice

In January we made the exciting announcement that Art & Design student Catrina Barquist had been selected to participate in the 57th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia (in Venice).

Selected as one of 14 Art students from across 6 Scottish Art Colleges and Universities, Catrina is keen to show current and future students of Borders College that even though they may come from a small place, they too could go on to have an experience like this, saying: “In order to become an Assistant Curator you are required to not only have an art degree, but relevant experience too, which can be very difficult to find. This is a great opportunity for me to gain Assistant Curator experience without already having an art degree.”

Catrina Barquist

With her course at College nearing completion (Catrina will have submitted all course units before she travels, and has received excellent support from her Lecturer Niall Campbell to allow her to finalise all work before she leaves), she has begun to turn her thoughts to the work she will be doing whilst in Venice: “I will be paid half a day a week to produce my own research – Alchemy are encouraging film and photography so I’m keeping an open mind and may consider changing paths a little and focussing more on the film side of things.”

Catrina will be vlogging for Alchemy everyday during her trip, and explains: “I want to put across stepping outside my comfort zone and share the different experiences while I’m away. I hope to give a presentation to my College classmates upon my return, and Alchemy have also asked me to host a talk next year, based on my experiences.”

She will also be keeping us all up to date throughout her trip via her Facebook and Instagram (catbarquist) accounts, so keep an eye on the Borders College Facebook, Instagram (borders_college) and website for updates as they become available.

Catrina is due to depart for this exciting experience on 6th June, returning on 10th July.

Published: Mon 22nd May, 2017