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Business Development Unit to train NHS Lanarkshire staff

Ten clinical support workers at NHS Lanarkshire are taking part in an innovative training programme in partnership with Borders College, which will see them become qualified theatre associate practitioners upon completion.

Borders College Business Development Unit and NHS Lanarkshire staff

Fiona Cowan, Senior Nurse, said:

“We are excited to introduce associate practitioners to our theatre department at Wishaw General.

These new posts are the first cohort throughout theatre academy and they will boost the number of scrub staff that we have in our theatre.

Offering existing experienced theatre clinical support workers a chance to progress in their role, provides an opportunity for our own staff in Lanarkshire to grow and develop. We are delighted to be taking this new initiative forward in collaboration with Borders College.”

Borders College is one of the few colleges that offer this Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) level seven award, and this is the first course to take place outwith the Borders.

Andries Fourie, Borders College Vocational Manager, said:

“We are thrilled to be signing up ten new modern apprentices who will all be working within the theatres.

NHS Lanarkshire is very forward thinking, there is a real commitment to education and investment in the staff here. We are delighted to have a switched-on and vibrant group of people who are keen to commit to the course.”

Chris King and Wendy Burrell are two clinical support workers who have signed up to the course after taking part in a successful ‘test of change’.

Chris said: “I wanted a new challenge and I am really looking forward to the course.

Wendy added: “I always wanted to further my career and this is an ideal opportunity.

Fiona McHugh, Wishaw General Hospital theatre manager, said:

“I am so proud to see the staff progress. Their theatre knowledge is already excellent and to see them get a promotion and move on is fantastic.”

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Published: Tue 24th Oct, 2017