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College and Academy join forces to cater for teaching needs

Borders College and Galashiels Academy have recently begun a successful collaborative teaching arrangement for Home Economics classes.

Due to reduced staffing levels as a result of two staff members beginning maternity leave and another member of staff being promoted, the Academy’s strong Home Economics department found itself in need of extra resource to be able to teach their students. Pauline Anderson (Depute Head Teacher at Galashiels Academy) approached Lynne Gilchrist (College Head of Faculty for Creative Industries, Business & Sport) to find out if the College could help.

Pauline says: “We managed to secure a supply teacher from Eyemouth for two days to focus on senior classes and when we contacted the College, Lynne was very supportive and willing to work collaboratively with us to support us when we needed it. We all see this as another exciting opportunity to build relationships and work together.”

College Catering Lecturer Gillian Petty teaches a National 5 Hospitality class as well as S1-S3 classes at Galashiels Academy every Tuesday. Catering Lecturer Robbie Bunton also teaches a National 5 Hospitality group from the Academy every Monday, with half of the pupils attending the College’s Galashiels campus one week, the remaining half the following week (on rotation).

Academy staff who know the pupils well are on hand to support each of these classes, allowing the pupils the best learning experience possible.

Lynne Gilchrist said: “The opportunity to work in collaboration with schools allows the development of smooth transition for students from secondary to further education, allowing them to begin their career pathway whilst still at school.”

Pauline echoes this, adding: “I think it is wonderful that we are working so closely, and hope that, even when we are fully staffed again, we can continue to work together to meet the needs of our young people – I’d like them to continue to have the opportunity to get an insight into what learning would be like at Borders College, whether it is through pupils visiting their campus or staff visiting us.”

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Published: Thu 25th May, 2017