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College showcase Schools to College transitions

For any potential student the decision to come to College can be a worrying time and most people will have lots of questions and anxieties about making the choice. Sometimes deciding which course to study is the least of people’s worries – matters like travel and meeting new people, concerns like ‘will it be difficult?’ as well as other personal circumstances, can make the whole process a scary prospect indeed.

Watch the video below:

College showcase Schools to College transitions

In order to let pupils, parents, carers and all key stakeholders understand that support is available, Borders College has produced a short film which highlights the support and effectiveness of how working together in a person-centred way can make the transition from School to College an effective proposition.

Following the successful School to College transition for two Peebles High School pupils, Matthew and Stuart MacDonald, who both live with the condition ‘Fragile X’, the video showcases the efforts that were made when the boys were transitioning from School to College.

With careful planning and help from Schools, parents or carers, we can all work together to support what can seem like challenging transitions from School to College. Our experience tells us that a joined up approach from all the interested parties can make coming to Borders College a possibility for many students.

Published: Fri 12th May, 2017