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Committee get ready to give first aid at ride-outs

Safe Oot –Safe In is a well known Borders saying wishing mounted riders a safe journey on their way to ride-outs and back again during the Common Riding and Festival season. With an ever increasing expectation that appropriate first aid cover is available at events, Hawick Common Riding Committee have just paid for eight members’ training to become certificated first aiders.


Photo: L-R (Lindsay Nichol, Cornet Ali George, Stephen Gray, Graeme Paxton, Ross Gibson, Ross Nichol.

The group, which includes Stephen Gray, Iain Scott, Ross Gibson (ex-cornet), Keith Smyth, Graeme Paxton (ex-acting father), Lindsay Nichol, Ross Nichol (ex-cornet) and Steven Anderson (ex-cornet), will now be on hand to provide first aid should it be required during any of the 2017 Common Riding ride–outs.

First aidDelivered by Borders College First Aid Trainer Chrys Murphy MBE, over two evenings at the Centre for Business Development in Hawick, the course saw participants take part in first aid scenarios, which allowed the group to learn and develop practical skills that they can put into action should they be called upo­n.

Chrys Murphy commented: “The range of potential first aid related scenarios that the group were able to discuss, based on their experiences, allowed me to tailor the course and the training to give them the confidence and skills to deal with any incidents should it be required.”

Cameron Knox, Chairman of Hawick Common Riding Committee, said: “Safety at our events is paramount and is given the highest priority by us. Working with Borders College has allowed us to meet our obligations in providing first aid cover. And, importantly for us, being able to have the training locally at the Campus in Hawick was essential as all our first aiders are volunteers and give their time freely – so not having to travel to undertake the training was a huge benefit.”

First aidEx-cornet Ross Gibson said about the course: “Very enjoyable, I learned many new skills. Hopefully, I will never need to use first aid but if I do I am now more confident to carry out it out.”

Ian Scott went on to say: “Excellent trainer, I’ve learned practical skills which will help me in my life and may help me save someone else.”

The training undertaken is a certificated course and is completed within a total of seven hours. This includes assessment. Once successfully completed, participants are awarded an ‘Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate’, which is valid for three years.

If you want to find out how you can meet your obligations in providing first aid cover at any event or workplace please contact Borders College by calling Susan Rennie on 01896 662578 or email Full details are also available on the website

Published: Thu 4th May, 2017