Borders College

Facilitating energy efficiencies for the College

With energy costs rising all the time in the UK, it is important for the College to make efficiencies and savings where possible, the Facilities team has been working hard on this over the 2016/17 academic year.

Photo of Scottish Borders Campus in Galashiels

Considerable efficiencies were achieved at the Scottish Borders Campus during the year for both Gas and Electricity usage, with a 23% reduction in Gas usage and a 10% reduction in Electricity usage – no mean feat for a large, busy campus.  These reductions have been consistent across the year, with usage down every month compared to the previous year.

Facilities Manager Robert Hewitt said:

“The Gas reduction is a direct result of the operation of the SHARC heating system – we expect this to reduce even further over the coming year now that the modifications are complete.  The Electricity reduction is as a result of the investment in LED light fittings and other energy saving measures made over the past year.”

Although these reductions apply to the Galashiels site, all campuses including Hawick and Newtown have benefitted from the installation of over 3,000 LED light fittings as well as implementation of three other energy saving initiatives.  The impact of these initiatives will not be fully realised until the end of the current academic year, but Robert anticipates a significant saving in both CO2 emissions and costs.

The solar panels at the Galashiels campus, now operational for 4 years, have produced over 198,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, a saving of £43,685.  Meanwhile, the SHARC energy system has generated 664,000 kilowatt hours of heat since its installation in 2015, saving 80 tonnes of CO2.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the College identified areas for improved efficiencies and then made them happen, you can get in touch with Robert Hewitt, Facilities Manager, on 01896 662550.

Published: Wed 20th Sep, 2017