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Innovation Factory set to change Construction landscape

Borders College was represented at the official launch of Construction Scotland Innovation Centre’s (CSIC) pioneering Innovation Factory in Blantyre this week.  Davie Lowe (Head of Faculty for Construction, Engineering and Land-based) and Deirdre McKendry (Head of Business Development Unit) attended the launch in the company of several local employers.


Pictured above are some of the keynote speakers at Monday's launch event

The £3m facility – which Davie, Deirdre and College Principal Angela Cox first visited and received a tour of in July this year – is intended to help the construction industry adopt a more entrepreneurial mind-set, offering access to world leading academic expertise in the digital, manufacturing and performance areas of construction.  The 30,000 square foot workshop hosts state-of-the-art prototyping equipment and technology (including 3D scanners and printers as well as specialist timber frame manufacturing tables), all made available to allow construction businesses to test and develop new products, processes, systems and solutions.

Guests enjoyed a tour of the facilities, participated in various workshops and discussed technological innovations such as Building Information Modeling (BIM).  Keynote speakers stressed the importance of changing the landscape of construction, and Davie Lowe upholds this viewpoint, saying: “People think of the construction industry as being hands-on, but it is becoming more and more digital with a focus on complex data.  Borders College hopes to develop its facilities and partnerships in order to provide the equipment and training of the future to local construction employers and their employees, really moving technologies forward.”

The Innovation Factory hopes to enable the delivery of more houses, more rail capacity, improved car journeys, cheaper energy and better public services.  With 10% of Scotland’s employment being within the construction sector, it is easy to understand that the skills of this industry must be invested in and further developed.

To find out more about the Innovation Factory, visit or search #innovationfactory

Published: Wed 13th Sep, 2017