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Jolly hockey sticks at tournament for primary pupils

Primary 7 pupils from 10 primary schools across the Borders recently had the opportunity to hone their Hockey skills at a tournament hosted by Borders College in conjunction with LIVE Borders Active Schools.

Active Schools Hockey Tournament 2018

Students on the Coaching and Developing Sport Higher National Diploma course took responsibility for leading the event, held at the Tweedbank Outdoor Sports Complex, which is not about winning but rather promoting participation in physical activity in the hope that it may encourage the development of healthy habits.

Borders College Sports students

They were required to plan activities, allocate roles and create and follow a timeline, as well as providing them with a valuable opportunity to practice their coaching skills of communicating, instructing, motivating, observing, and providing feedback.

A Spokesperson from the Sport & Outdoor Activities department at the College explains that involvement in this event particularly helped the students in working towards their Coaching units, which include Coaching of Sport: an Introduction, Coaching Children, and Sports Coaching Theory and Practice.

Lesley Kerr, LIVE Borders Active Schools Co-ordinator, said:

“The event would not be possible without the support of Borders College,” adding that, “students were professional, they were enthusiastic, looked and acted the part.”

The pupils and students all enjoyed themselves. One student indicated that, “it gives me a chance to apply what I’ve learnt on the course,” and another stated, “I was nervous [about coaching] as I’d not done it before but by the end I was really enjoying it.”

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Published: Wed 31st Oct, 2018