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Steps to success with Daily Mile initiative

Students at Borders College are joining in on a health and wellbeing initiative called ‘The Daily Mile’.  The initiative was started by a former Headteacher in Stirling to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of children.  Over 1,000 Scottish schools are now involved and the Scottish Government is trying to get Colleges and Universities on board too.

Skills for Independence after their daily milePictured left to right following an indoor mile are: Michele O’Rourke (Additional Needs Assistant), Skills for Independence students Philip Turnbull, Shannon Kerr, Liam Nichols, David Hall and Sam Anderson (Lecturer)

College Lecturer Sam Anderson was keen to get his students on board, saying:

“Walking a mile a day not only gets them moving, it helps take care of their health and wellbeing.  It only takes 21 days to make a habit, and this daily activity helps to aid concentration.”

Sam added that he likes to schedule in a walk after a particularly focused class, for example numeracy, as it helps to clear the students’ heads ready for the next class.

Three groups are taking part in The Daily Mile as part of their course units – Skills for Independence students are using it towards ‘Personal Health’, Skills for Learning and Work towards ‘Health Choices’, and Child, Health and Social Care towards ‘Health Technologies’.

Students were also tasked with helping to measure and map out potential routes for their daily mile, for both indoors and outdoors to account for changeable weather.  The outdoor route is an exact circular mile, beginning and ending at the Scottish Borders Campus reception.  The students had to get a bit more creative for the indoor route however, resulting in 6.6 laps of the ground floor of the campus!

Well done to Sam and the students for helping to raise the profile of health and wellbeing in young people – not only is the activity helping to improve concentration and learning, it is also good fun.

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Published: Thu 21st Sep, 2017