Borders College

Sustainable horticulture - regeneration work at College Newtown Campus

Horticulture students at Newtown St Boswells have been putting the skills of their trade to good use by helping to enhance the appearance and condition of their campus.

Sustainable horticulture

Ongoing efforts to boost ‘kerb appeal’ include raised bed planters and decorative slate feature walls being created by the students and their Lecturer, Nigel Gibb. The work carried out had the added benefit of counting as part of the students’ units in Constructing and Maintaining Structures, and a Design unit.

Nigel tasked his level 3 students to measure and create alpine bed planters, the design of which was inspired by a garden in Bowden.

The decorative walls were also made possible thanks to a donation of used slate from local company Border Slate Suppliers Ltd, which would have otherwise gone into a skip. Nigel said: “Disposal of the slate as waste would have cost the company money, whereas its value to the College could have been considerable so this was a great resource to be gifted.”

In order to create the slate walls, the students marked out fixed points and carried out a site survey and analysis to ensure that the finished product would be the correct height and levels.

Nigel added: “We already spend time each week maintaining the Campus and the Glasshouse, so going forward the new beds and planters will become part of that routine.”

The group also began work recently on the College’s own vegetable patch which includes soil preparation before planting commences. By engaging in these sustainable projects, students are getting the chance to experience a wide range of tasks and enhance their learning, whilst benefitting the College estate at the same time.


Published: Thu 27th Apr, 2017