Borders College

Farne Salmon and Trout

As one of the largest private employers in the Scottish Borders, managers at Farne Salmon & Trout know a thing or two about recruiting and retaining a highly trained workforce.

1st year Engineering apprentices Damian Clowes (left) and Lewis McLachlan (right)

However, recruiting and retaining skilled engineers has always proven extremely difficult, which was one of the reasons that has led them down the Modern Apprentice route. Supporting the MA programme also aligns itself nicely to the company’s approach to develop from within, providing all their people an opportunity to grow and develop.

Aileen Firth, Resourcing Manager at Farne Salmon & Trout commented ‘we feel that offering MA’s allows us to progress and develop our people, and people who have come through their apprenticeships with us are very loyal and are good advocates for the scheme’.

Moving forward the company will continue to support the scheme and are working extremely hard with local schools to develop pathways from school to employment.


Published: Thu 9th Mar, 2017