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Foundation Apprenticeships from Borders College

A new addition to the apprenticeship family, Foundation Apprenticeships are helping to ensure that even more young people have the experience they need and the skills employers want.

Lasting for two years, they are available to pupils in fifth year and are taken alongside their other school subjects like National 5s or Highers.  As well as spending time at college they’ll also spend time with employers – like you – gaining hands on experience and demonstrating competence in a real workplace.
Why should you get involved in delivering Foundation Apprenticeships?

Developed in partnership with industry, Foundation Apprenticeships are a great way for young people to broaden their options and get a taste of their potential career before they’ve left school.
By delivering the work-based elements of a Foundation Apprenticeship you will work in partnership with the college to develop the next generation.  Foundation Apprenticeship employers are better able to identify and retain fresh talent with the skills their business needs, and therefore could be part of your succession planning strategy.

A Foundation Apprenticeship is set at SCQF level 6 (the same level as a Higher), is industry-recognised and enables young people to complete elements of a Modern Apprenticeship before they leave school.  So if your organisation is already involved in Modern Apprenticeships, it allows you to identify high performing young people who can go on to complete a fast-track Modern Apprenticeship – saving you time and money.

Borders College will be delivering the following Foundation Apprenticeships from August 2017:

  •  Business Skills
  • Social Services and Healthcare
  • Children and Young People

Planning has already begun to add further industry areas to this provision in the future.
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Published: Wed 8th Mar, 2017