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NHS Borders develops future workforce with MAs

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Joyce Gerrard is a Staff Nurse on the Medical Assessment Unit and is a colleague of Jane Short. Joyce is a long-time admirer of the Modern Apprenticeship Programme and feels that the benefits to this are you get to work on the ward while linking it to the learning. “You carry out your duty of care and you also realise the theory behind it. This helps staff become trained to the required level which meets competencies.

Jane pictured with Staff Nurse Joyce Gerrard

After overseeing numerous MA’s, Joyce feels that it not only benefits the candidate, but also the NHS. “Having both young and older candidates is great because the young ones are working towards something and have fresh ideas, while although the older candidates are achieving the same objective, they have more life skills so this is an array of experience across the wards”.

This kind of employment has proven to benefit employers and it is something that Joyce would wholeheartedly recommend to other organisations. “It is great as it is another way of improving the workforce and on top of the learning the candidates are also involved in the training opportunities for all employees. This means they are up-skilling to meet the need of the organisation to continue to improve the service to the public.”

Head of Service, Training & Professional Development of NHS Borders, Helen Clinkscale commented, “NHS Borders benefits from a varied employee base, reflecting the diversity of the population. This diversity enables NHS Borders to address both the need for socially responsible recruitment and to meet the needs of the service. Employing young people in particular represents an investment in the future of NHS Borders and contributes to the NHS Borders Corporate Objective “Improve the Health of our Population”.

“The Modern Apprentice programme is part of the Government’s commitment to help all learners’ secure training and job opportunities and will ensure that NHS Borders has the skills and competence required for the present and future. NHS Borders highly values the employability skills developed through vocational education routes”.

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Published: Tue 7th Mar, 2017