Business Growth & Employer Engagement Strategy 2022-2025

This strategy underpins our Strategic Ambition 2025. Building on our outstanding reputation for supporting the socio-economic sustainability of the Scottish Borders and beyond, we will proactively engage with our community and stakeholders to ensure our practice reflects their needs.

Business Growth & Employer Engagement Strategy Graphic 2

In delivering this strategy, we will continue to be an organisation that is collaborative and that shares and encourages innovative practice, and inspires our students and partners.

As a business, we endeavour to be a role model for others through our values. We are proud to be accredited as a Great Place to Work, have award-winning sustainable practices, and outstanding employer and graduate feedback and success.

We aspire to be regionally focussed but globally engaged. This means providing our graduates with the skills and attributes to be successful in a global economy, while at the same time ensuring that their learning enables our local community and businesses to be resilient in a rapidly changing world.

As the main provider of post school education in the Scottish Borders, we recognise the essential role we play in providing relevant training opportunities for our current and future workforce. We also recognise that we need to be agile in how those opportunities are delivered. We are nationally recognised for our adoption of technology to enhance our customer service and learning.

As a progressive organisation, this strategy outlines how we will build upon our excellent foundations to ensure the opportunities we offer remain relevant, appropriate and accessible.

Pete Smith, Principal and Chief Executive

Business Growth & Employer Engagement Strategy

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