24 May 2023


26 May 2023

The ACS assessment scheme covers a range of sectors within the gas industry. Depending upon the work area specified, the candidate would normally undertake a core assessment e.g. CCN1 followed by one or more appliance or specialised assessments e.g. CENWAT

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The training and assessment is normally carried out over 3 days.


Galashiels campus

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Entry requirements

Experienced Engineer: An engineer who is registered or previously registered on GSR. The engineer must be in possession of or previously held an ACS core (or relevant qualification) for a minimum of 12 months.New Entrant: A person wishing to achieve a recognised industry qualification to undertake gas work and gain Gas Safe Registration in that work category. Please contact the college for more details.



Course Content

We provide the opportunity for candidates to undertake training prior to the assessment.Assessments normally consist of a combination of practical and theory examinations.


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