BIM (Building Information Modelling) Awareness.

BIM is the gold standard and brings with it a host of opportunities to work more efficiently in many aspects of construction. This course offers the opportunity to gain an overview of the aspects of BIM and audit yourself towards being BIM ready.

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Borders College certification of 'BIM Awareness'


One off session, 3.5 hours including STEM Hub tour. Parking available.


Entry requirements

This course is tailored to local businesses, whether than be business leaders, sole traders or anything in between, who are looking to be informed with up to date practice and are considering venturing into the world of Building Information Modelling. This course will provide an overview of what BIM is and the key aspects of BIM, including: The relevant standards, BIM levels, Common Data Environments, COBie spreadsheets, Employer's Information Requirements, Information Delivery Plans, Procuring projects that require BIM

Progression opportunities

New housing regulations will be championing BIM and should not be ignored. Make sure that you are keeping up to date with best practice. Depending on the level at which you are operating or wish to grow towards, there are different levels of BIM; these depending on project size and value. All parties within a project should be BIM proficient, enabling procurement within more projects and you will be able to utilise this course to cut through the jargon and see what your next steps should be.




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