Computing:Software Development Year 2 (HND - SCQF Level 8)


21 Aug 2023


14 Jun 2024

Currently in Scotland there is a shortage of skilled software developers.This course offers an introduction to software development. It will introduce you to a range of subjects and skills that will lead you to the design and development of good quality softwareYou will learn programming languages that will prepare you for a career in this ever changing industry, as you focus on design, implementation and testing of your programs.

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36 weeks over 3 days attendance


Entry requirements

Successful completion of all 15 SQA credits from HND Year 1 Software Development.

Progression opportunities

Education: third year of degree-level course.Employment: IT technician, helpdesk support technician, trainee programmer or apps designer.

Course Content

You will study subjects such as:Software Development: Object Oriented ProgrammingSystems Development: Object Oriented Analysis and DesignSoftware Development: Data StructuresComputing: Software Development: Graded Unit 2 (Project)Data Science


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