Drone Awareness

In light of firmer regulations regarding the registration and use of unmanned aerial vehicles and in order to keep members of the public safe, it is essential that you are up to date on the requirements of safe flight.

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One off session, 3.5 hours including STEM Hub tour. Parking available.


Entry requirements

In light of the regulations regarding drone use tightening, this course will inform both current/potential recreational and commercial drone users of the steps they should take to fly legally. This is not a course to allow you to fly a drone commercially but it will inform on the basics of safe and legal flight, and highlight the steps to be taken by both recreational and commercial drone users.Drone ownership is not required for this course, it is not a flight course but an overview of the aspects required for safe flight, including: Legislation and standards, Civil Aviation Authority registration, Airspace, Responsibilities, Weather, How to obtain permission for commercial operation (PfCO)

Progression opportunities

This course will provide you with the tools to develop safe practice for recreational flight of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). Should you wish to use a drone commercially, you will be informed of the next steps you need to take and put in touch with our industry contacts to undertake the required training.




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