Introduction to Thermal Imaging for Construction and Engineering

Thermal imaging enables you to see surface temperature patterns. This is a not invasive diagnostic tool that can help in many areas. You are use thermal imaging to see heat loos from buildings, water leaks without causing any damage to internal or external structures. It can also be used to diagnose electrical and mechanical faults, insulation efficiency or optimal insulation locations, faults in solar photo voltaic panels and numerous other causes.

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Borders College certification of 'An Introduction to Thermal Imaging for Construction.'


One off session, 2.5 hours including STEM Hub tour. Parking available.


Entry requirements

This course is tailored to local businesses, whether they be business leaders, sole traders or anything in between, who are looking to be informed on the benefits of using thermal imaging to assess efficiency, quality and troubleshooting.Thermal imaging enables you to 'see' far more than you can with your eyes alone and is an excellent tool within all the trades, including: Plumbers Joiners Electricians Brick layers Ventilation specialists

Progression opportunities

Thermal images are also a great way to show clients the affect that your work is having on the efficiency and performance of their home.Increasing the energy efficiency of a home helps to lower energy bills, decrease emission and move towards net zero carbon emissions. An awareness of the power of thermal imaging to assess efficiency can lead towards an appreciation for more sustainable construction methods. Borders College offers several courses regarding the various aspects of sustainable construction and working towards a circular economy.




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