Mind & Body Seasonal Yoga

Seasonal yoga is based on the principles of eating, moving and living in tune with the seasons. There is an element of Qi Gong and Chinese medicine involved. Ayurveda is also encompassed - an ancient Indian method of balancing energy.

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This is an 8-week evening course from 6.30pm to 8.00pm, one evening per week


This course will be delivered at our Galashiels campus, Nether Road, TD1 3HE

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Entry requirements

If you are pregnant or suffer from any illness or condition that prevents or restricts you from undertaking physical exercise, you are advised to consult your doctor before participating in this class. If you are feeling temporarily unwell you should consider not participating in the class until you feel better. If in any doubt, please consult your doctor before starting the class.



Course Content

The objective is to create balance, calmness and a sense of wellbeing, not to bend like a corkscrew. The breath is integral to a yogic practise so the emphasis is on asana (poses) where you observe how your body is responding. Your mind and your body create the pose as you utilise your breath to relax further into the asana and, at the same time, calm the nervous system. Classes always finish with a guided relaxation so that you can monitor how differently you feel after your practise and leave the room feeling refreshed and light.


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