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CONVERT, which stands for Construction Virtual Environment Resource Training, uses technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to provide high-quality learning experiences that mimic real situations in construction.

Virtual Built Environment Element Explorer (VBEEE)

Construction Wales Innovation Centre (CWIC) is leading on the project management for this 2 year, GB wide, CITB funded collaboration to deliver state-of-the-art immersive learning (IL) training and engagement sessions to construction learners in Further and Higher Education as well as to pupils following construction-related subjects at secondary schools.

Following on from the first year where IL software was created by industry partners Altrad, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and Kier Construction, we are now well into the second stage of this project with an extensive training programme being delivered through our partners across the UK.

Students can have access to IL learning resources at Coleg Cambria, City College Plymouth, Leeds College of Building, London Borough of Waltham Forest/London Academy of Sustainable Construction, via 24 colleges co-ordinated by ESP Scotland and at Construction Wales Innovation Centre.


Project Aims

  • To provide new learning opportunities to 2,440 Further and Higher Education students studying construction-related subjects.
  • To seek to reduce error, accident, time, and costs through the targeted use of IL in education and the workplace.
  • To provide employers with cost-effective, scalable training that enhances safety and productivity
  • To provide a more engaging way of learning about construction that’s safe!
  • To enhance the appeal of the industry to new learners


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Virtual Drone Piloting

Rotor Pilot enables learners to explore drones, and their use in construction through several modules. Using the latest VR technology and industry-standard controllers, learners can experience basic flight principles as well as undertake industry-related tasks.

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Virtual Drone Piloting

Virtual Built Environment Element Explorer (VBEEE)

The Virtual Built Environment Element Explorer (VBEEE) software, which references the RIBA Plan of Work, enables learners to explore and experience the construction process. Learners are given an opportunity to choose from  3 different briefs to construct a building virtually.

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Virtual Built Environment Element Explorer (VBEEE)

Wood Machining Simulator (Wood-Ed)

Wood-Ed is a virtual reality training system that enables students to experience 4 different types of machines;

  • a band saw,
  • rip saw,
  • surface planer and
  • spindle moulder

Paint Spraying Simulator (Simspray)

Simspray is a virtual spray paint learning system that enables learners to paint on an industrial level. It offers 4 systems including the HVLP, Airless, Airmix, and electrostatic powder coating processes with additional options for sandblasting and edge blending.

In association with ESP

ESP is a collaboration of Scotland’s colleges and industry partners established to increase Scotland’s capability and capacity to deliver the right skills for the energy, engineering and construction sectors to meet industry demand.

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ESP Logo

In association with Construction Wales Innovation Centre (CWIC)

CWIC’s mission is to collaborate with partners to champion new technologies and support best practices to future-proof skills and support the construction sector to become a Net Zero industry.

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Construction Wales Innovation Centre

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