Funding your part time course

Now that you have accepted a place on to your part time course you will need to think about how you are going to fund your course.

You may be eligible for:

SAAS Part Time Fee Grant (Higher Education courses only)

The part-time fee grant gives help each year towards the cost of your tuition fees. The level of tuition fee SAAS can pay will depend on the number of credits you do and the qualification you are studying. You will be responsible for the remainder of the fee.

For more information and an application form, visit
As SAAS part time fee grants will not pay the full amount of your fees you will need to make arrangements to fund the remaining costs, which will be due at enrolment.

Disabled Students' Allowance (Higher Education courses only)

Extra help may be available to you if you incur extra costs while you study because of a disability or learning difficulty. Further information on the type of funding available and eligibility criteria is available on

Fee Waiver

You may be eligible for a fee waiver if you are in receipt of an eligible benefit, or meet the low income threshold. This would mean the full cost of your course would be covered. Please contact finance on 01896 662533 or e-mail for more information regarding eligibility.

If payment for fees is required, you can pay in the following way:

If you are paying for your own fees, payment is due in full before the start date of your course. Please contact for payment details or more information.

What to bring to enrolment:

One or more of the following will apply to you:

  • SAAS Part-Time Fee Grant Award letter
  • Fee Waiver evidence
  • Employer letter
  • Your payment for all or part of your fees, as appropriate.

If the required funding evidence is not provided, you will be invoiced for course fees directly.

Borders College – Tuition Fees – Academic Session 2020/21

Scottish Students2023/24 FeesSAASBalance
HNC Childhood Practice - Year 1£829.75£514.00  £315.75
HNC Childhood Practice - Year 2£726.00£514.00 £212.00
HND Childhood Practice - Year 2£987.00£643.00£344.00
PDA Acute and Community Care£1,072.00£686.00 £386.00
HNC Care & Administrative Practice - Year 1£829.75£514.00  £315.75
HNC Care & Administrative Practice - Year 2£726.00£514.00 £212.00
HNC Social Services - Year 1£829.75£514.00  £315.75
HNC Social Services - Year 2£726.00£514.00 £212.00
HNC Social Services (1 year only)£968.00£600.00£368.00
PDA Acute and Community Care - year 1£588.00£343.00 £245.00
PDA Acute and Community Care - year 2£536.00£343.00£193.00
HNC Travel & Tourism - Year 1£950.75£600.00£350.75
HNC Travel & Tourism - Year 2£726.00£514.00 £212.00
PDA Advanced Craft - Carpentry & Joinery SCQF 7£731.50£343.00 £388.50
PDA Advanced Craft - Painting & Decorating SCQF 7£731.50£343.00 £388.50
PDA Childhood Practice - Year 1£588.00£428.00 £160.00
PDA Childhood Practice - year 2£484.00£428.00£56.00
PDA Information Technology in Business£536.00£343.00£193.00
PDA Developing Professional Practice in Health & Social Care£536.00£343.00£193.00