Back to ‘business’ in the NHS for Calum after successful course completion

Photo of Calum Johnston outside HNS building

NHS employee Calum Johnston recently completed the SVQ 3 Business and Administration Level 6 course, three months ahead of schedule. Callum’s course tutor, Jane Slack, thoroughly enjoyed mentoring him through his studies and had the following to say:

“Calum was slightly nervous at the start of his SVQ as he had never undertaken this form of learning before, and he had concerns as to whether he was able to complete it successfully.

“After he submitted his first piece of work, it was clear from the standard of his work that he understood exactly what was asked of him. Throughout the SVQ, he embraced this way of working and showed incredible enthusiasm, and he consistently submitted excellent work.

“He had excellent support from his Line Manager who was very keen to be involved in the process, having had regular contact with me to determine Calum’s progress and ways in which he could provide tailored support.

“Calum was a pleasure to work with, and he always acted upon advice given to ensure his work was completed to the best of his ability. It was lovely to witness his confidence in his abilities grow throughout his time on the course.”

Calum commented on his time at College, saying:

“I found that this course fitted well with my learning style. It allowed me to show what my true potential is, and I was able to adapt well to the style of work that I had to complete for the qualification. My assessor, Jane, was really supportive throughout, explaining what I needed to do for each unit and giving me advice on my work so that I could meet the criteria.

“My Supervisor, Daniel, was supportive as well. He helped me plan work to meet different units and he also helped with any witness testimonies that I needed. This course allowed me to get a qualification while working, and I was able to gain more experience in my role as well as qualifying.”

Calum’s Supervisor, Daniel Drummond, who is the Vaccination Hub Supervisor with NHS Borders, added:

“Calum has worked extremely hard to complete his SVQ. He has put in 110% and this has shown through the quality of his work. My role as his mentor has been very interesting. 

“Helping plan work for Calum to complete his modules has been exciting, as well as completing witness testimonies to show the work that Calum has done. Calum has assisted with some of my workload during this course which has helped develop him and his confidence.

“I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to complete a qualification whilst at work. The benefit to the team member and the team is great.”

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