Modern Apprenticeships – Earn while you learn!

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Modern Apprenticeships are fantastic opportunities for both new and current employees to receive on-the-job training. This means you can actually get paid while learning and improving your skills in the workplace. Plus, you'll also earn a recognised Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) along the way! It's a win-win situation for building your career.

Modern Apprenticeships combine a qualification with on-the-job experience. This lets people work, learn and earn at the same time. We contribute towards the costs of their training, through a training provider who works with the business.


92% of MAs stay in work once they’re qualified

Modern Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to enhance Scotland’s work-based learning system and reduce youth unemployment.

Employers who’ve taken on MAs are positive about the experience: 96% say those who’ve undertaken a Modern Apprenticeship are more able to do their job. They also praised MAs for improving productivity, staff morale, and service and product quality.

Modern Apprentices are also enthusiastic about their achievements – 96% would recommend an MA to other people and, in an SDS Wellbeing survey, MAs report higher levels of satisfaction, happiness and feeling that their life is worthwhile compared to the general population

Modern Apprenticeships provide an alternative route into the world of work, equipping people and employers with the skills they need to succeed.



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