Courses starting in January 2024

Get your career underway with a Full-time course starting in January 2024.
Winter leaver or just looking for a new direction, apply for one of our Full-time January start courses and unlock a world of possibilities! Courses open to new applicants only.

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Courses on offer

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Find Your Vibe 

  • Attendance: Mon, Tues & Wed 9.00 – 4.00. 
  • Course commences 22nd January 2024.
  • Progression: Preparation for other College full-time courses or employment.

Pathfinder in eSports and Essential Skills

  • Attendance: Wed, Thurs & Fri 9.00 – 4.00. 
  • Course commences Wed 24th January 2024.
  • Progression: Preparation for other computing full-time courses. Pathways to employment and university. 

Countryside Skills

  • Attendance: Wed & Thur 9.00 – 4.00, Fri 9.00 – 12.00. 
  • Courses commence from 24th January 2024. 
  • Progression: Preparation for other Countryside Skills full-time courses. Pathways to employment.

Fast Track to Plumbing

  • Attendance:  Mon, Tues & Wed 9.00 – 4.15. 
  • Class commences: Monday 22nd January.
  • Progression: Preparation for other College full-time courses or employment.

Additional Information

Further Education

If you're a further education student, living and studying in Scotland, you may get funding to help with your studies. 

The funding covers your tuition fees, living, travel and study expenses.

The amount you receive can be based on your:

  • eligibility as a Scottish or EU student
  • course
  • household income
  • personal circumstances

You don’t need to pay these funds back.

Most funding awards are means-tested, and your household income may affect the funding you receive

Tuition Fees

If you're an eligible full-time Scottish or European Union (EU) student, you don’t normally have to pay tuition fees. If you would like more information about Fees please email our Finance Team at

Other funding options

There are also other allowances available based on your circumstances.

Care-experienced bursary

If you have been looked after in the UK care system, you can apply for this non-means tested maintenance allowance. This is a bursary of £202.50 per week, and is not assessed on your household income.

Additional support needs allowance

If you have additional support needs, extra help may be available to support you during your time at college.

Childcare funding

You can apply for help with costs if you have to pay for childcare while studying.

Discretionary funding

You can receive Discretionary Funds in addition to any funding award. The funds can provide additional support with accommodation costs and other emergency costs


We can provide advice of entitlement to benefits to make sure you receive all the funds you are entitled to.

Most of our students travel to College via Public Transport using the bus or train. Students who are under the age of 22 are entitled to free travel using their free travel entitlement through Young Scot. 

Students over the age of 22 will receive a bus pass as part of their student funding providing they are eligible to receive this.

Our dedicated Student Services team are here to advise, support and guide you at all points of your College learning journey – all you need to do is ask….

Our Student Advisors are available to provide you with advice and guidance on many welfare and wellbeing issues, which you may face, including:

  • Your health and wellbeing including our Mental Health Support service
  • Your funding, finances or benefits, help with completing funding applications
  • Housing
  • Advocacy and helping you contact local services or external agencies
  • Travel including accessing your Under 22 travel entitlement
  • Staying Safe

Our Learning Support team is also available to provide support, guidance and advice to students with a wide range of learning needs.

We aim to promote independence, overcome barriers to learning and ensure the best college experience for all learners. We help with:

  • Assessment to identify support needs
  • Individual and group support in class
  • Group workshops in various subjects
  • Support outside of the classroom to develop study skills and exam strategies
  • Loan of specialised equipment and assistive technology e.g. reading pens, speech-to-text software and recording apps
  • Alternative assessment arrangements, such as readers, scribes, use of ICT and separate accommodation
  • To see the range of Support available please visit our dedicated Support pages. Please follow this link.

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