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Borders College, as a beacon for excellence, is much in demand as a leader and proactive innovator, collaborating widely through engagement with a variety of stakeholders. As a progressive organisation, the college is part of a number of innovation and economic development projects, working alongside key partners, universities and an extensive network of employers led by our Executive Team.

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Pete Smith – Principal and Chief Executive

Pete Smith – Principal and Chief Executive

Pete’s contribution to further education began in 2004 with a senior position at Edinburgh’s Telford College. He then joined Borders College as a Vice Principal from 2007 to 2018 before undertaking a similar role at North East Scotland College from 2018, until appointment to his current role in September 2022. Prior to joining the further education sector, Pete spent 15 years in local government, working in both corporate finance and delivering a range of education support services.

Pete currently serves on the Colleges Scotland College Sector Finances Committee, and also undertakes non-executive director and trustee roles for a number of bodies, currently Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC), the Scottish Teachers’ Pension Board and Live Borders.

Pete’s priorities are to ensure the College delivers the education and skills necessary to support economic growth in the Scottish Borders and beyond, as well as drive forward the innovative and creative partnerships and developments that will ensure that our economy is both inclusive and sustainable.

Building on the foundation of education and learning opportunities in the community, Pete is focused on the vision of ensuring that local partnerships with our schools are effective, that the concept of lifelong learning thrives within the Scottish Borders, and that Borders College plays a key role in delivering this.

Pete is clear that the enrichment of the student experience is essential to a successful college and is a process that is continual. Through self-evaluation and reflective practices, Borders College will continue to respond to the ever-changing needs of the diverse student population.

The concept of the College as a community anchor is one that Pete feels very strongly about and is something that he is determined to ensure is recognised across the Region.

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Anne-Marie Sturrock – Vice Principal Curriculum and Student Experience

Anne Marie Sturrock

Working in education since 1998, Anne-Marie has extensive knowledge and experience in delivering a curriculum that meets the needs of students and the wider stakeholder community, with a focused but quality-driven approach.

As a passionate advocate of Further Education and the many opportunities it offers students, a key ambition of Anne-Marie’s is to continue expanding the curriculum to maximise positive outcomes for all students and staff at both a local and national level.

Delivering a curriculum that is relevant, effective and contributes to economic development for the local and national communities that are served by Borders College is at the very heart of what Anne-Marie strives for.

With experience of working with national bodies in the Health and Social Care sector, Anne-Marie is motivated to ensure that Borders College is an active participant in the global learning and teaching space, and ensuring that the work of developing student-friendly policies which support positive outcomes for our students continues.

As a promoter of Global Citizenship, Anne-Marie has been instrumental in driving forward an effective programme that ensures that students achieve Global Citizenship status during their time at Borders College.

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Kirsty Robb – Vice Principal   Finance and Corporate Services

Kirsty Robb – Vice Principal   Finance and Corporate Services

As a member of the Executive Team, Kirsty has responsibility for some of the non-curriculum critical areas of the College, including estates, I.T. and Finance, which are essential components that Borders College requires to meet the needs of students, stakeholders and staff. 

With a wealth of experience in major capital projects such as the Borders Railway, Broadband rollout, and the Heart of Hawick, Kirsty has also led the governance and management of the investments for the Scottish Borders Council Pension Fund, which has assets of £900m.

Focusing on ensuring the longer-term financial stability of the College in challenging economic conditions, Kirsty is responsible for delivering solutions that are imaginative and versatile to ensure that the College continues to provide high-quality learning across the variety of learning opportunities it offers, and at the same time Increase the prospects for partnership, working with both the public and private sectors, which are key priorities for the College.

A qualified accountant and member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, Kirsty is very much embedded in the Borders Community and believes in the Live, Love, Learn ethos of the College.

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