Additional Support ensures Julie continues to study effectively

Julie Anderson

Support, whether that be technical or emotional wellbeing, is essential for all students in the current climate and Borders College has delivered this through a number of schemes put in place to help students meet their aspirations. 

Julie Anderson is studying on the HNC Computing programme at the College and has benefitted greatly from additional support to help her through her studies. 

Julie, who is 51 and lives in Hawick, was recently assessed as having possible dyslexic type difficulties, which made certain parts of her course work difficult to complete.  

Through a number of support services put in place, including additional assistance from the Student Support Team and her tutors, she is now on track to gain 12 credits of her HNC. 

Julie received one to one support assistance in areas such as communications, where her work was proofread prior to hand in. Extra support from her tutors was also provided in areas such as computer programming, allowing her to move forward in areas where she may have struggled.  

As well as this, she also took advantage of the College Laptop Loan scheme, ensuring she had the most up-to-date technology at hand – something many students have taken advantage of recently.   

This is an excellent achievement for Julie after feeling that she may struggle to progress and not complete her course at the end of block one. She commented: 

“The support I have been given by the College is absolutely fantastic and I wouldn’t be in the position I am now if this hadn't’ been in place. I lacked confidence at the start of my course but I’ve been able to build this back up with the help of everyone.” 

Julie is no stranger to the College, having been a student back in 2010. That year she was awarded the Student of the Year/Employability award and also presented Princess Anne with a bouquet of flowers at the official opening of the Scottish Border Campus in Galashiels. 

As for now, the message from Borders College is 'There’s more support in place than ever and we’re doing everything we can, and more, to ensure our students continue to thrive and study effectively during the lockdown period' - something Julie is greatly appreciative of, adding: 

“The extra support has given me a real boost and I hope to stay on track and finish what I set out to do. My message to anyone studying at College would be, if you’re having difficulties, don’t be embarrassed, just ask for help.” 

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