Childcare students look to the future with career progressions

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Borders College has an excellent reputation when it comes to students progressing from their studies, whether that be gaining employment or transitioning to higher and degree level programmes.

This was the case for five former students, who recently completed their PDA Childhood Practice level 8 studies and have now gone on to greater things.

The students were supported throughout their studies by former Borders College Lecturer Bryan Gracie, who sadly passed away in spring 2020, and whom they had an excellent relationship with.

Curriculum Manager Joan Cairney assisted the group in the later stages of their studies and praised them for their efforts and in supporting each other through the difficult time.

Read what Tami, Liz, Louise, Claire and Leanne had to say about their time at College.

Tami Fojcik

“I thoroughly enjoyed my two years studying PDA Childhood Practice. The course and my amazing lecturer, Bryan, gave me the confidence I needed to apply for a job as an Early Years Officer in which I succeeded and am currently loving.

“The course is extremely informative and allows you to improve on and develop your leadership skills within an Early Years environment. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who would like to broaden their horizons in Early Education.

“I gained my qualification and as a result, I am going on to do my BA in Childhood Practice. This would not have been possible without our lecturer, who was very passionate and supported us all over the two years.”

Liz Allan

“I would say the course built my confidence in myself as a practitioner, in my computer skills and in doing presentations in front of others and also putting these together. I believe it also gave me a lot of knowledge and understanding of the legislations and frameworks used within Early Years and that it was a combination of these things that helped me secure my Early Years Officer role within the Jedburgh grammar campus ElC.”

Louise Wilson

"I found the PDA in Childhood Practice to be extremely helpful in developing a deeper understanding to the link between legislation and my evidence for my practice. It was an extremely supported course with a great mix of activities to support our learning. I am looking forward to furthering my career to a higher level with the knowledge I have gained from the course.

“Thank you so much for everything over the past months Joan. It’s been so great to feel supported through all of our studying.”

Claire Dodds

“The PDA Childhood Practice has had a significant impact on my knowledge and understanding of childcare and education, as well as my practice as an Early Years Practitioner. An enhanced understanding of leadership and management skills, as well as working relationships, has developed my self-confidence, skills and ability within the workplace environment.

“The delivery of the course was consistent, challenging and interesting. The lecturer ensured a comfortable and positive atmosphere where discussion was encouraged. Since completing the course, I have taken on additional roles and responsibilities within my workplace setting and I hope to progress to an Early Years Officer role in the future.”

Leanne Cheyne

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at Borders College on the part-time PDA Childhood Practice course. The course has given me insight into many key aspects of childhood practice, such as, current legislative links to policy, leadership styles and skills, pedagogy and professional reflective practice.
“I have been able to apply the knowledge learned within my personal professional childhood practice, and early years setting provision, to assist my team in providing high quality early learning and childcare for children and families within the community where I work.

“The course has also enabled me to gain the qualification I need for my local authority Early Years Officer role, which I am so pleased to have achieved!”

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