College continues to develop innovative teaching practices

Mark Catto

Borders College Electrical Engineering lecturer Mark Catto has developed a creative approach to teaching his students.

Throughout the current COVID-19 crisis, Mark has found ways to adapt and deliver his course content online.

Utilising a free CAD software for electrical engineering, students can build their electrical circuits online. Using Teams, the students can share their screens, allowing Mark to see their progress.

This enables Mark to teach his students in an effective way. He can also record each session, allowing him to assess the students individually.

This is just one of the many innovative ways in which Borders College lecturers and students have adapted to studying during the lockdown.

Mark Commented:

“The lockdown has posed many challenges for lecturers and students, which has required us to come up with new ways in which to teach our subjects effectively.

“The use of this software has allowed me to see first-hand how the students are progressing. The system we have is working well, with some good feedback from the students.”

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