College staff refresher on vital first aid training

First aid box

We continually hear about how first aid skills have saved someone’s life. Whether that’s being able to help following a road traffic collision, recognising hypothermia or helping someone who is choking, it has never been more vital to learn first aid and to feel confident using these skills.

Through the Borders College Department of Enterprise and Business Innovation (DEBI), College staff from the Rural Skills department recently undertook a renewal of their First Aid qualification, with the Refresher First Aid at Work (RFAW) Course.

An extra module was also designed specifically for those involved in delivering Rural Skills qualifications, attending outdoor activities or working in the forestry sector.

The DEBI were able to tailor training to meet the needs of the Rural Skills staff, giving them the opportunity to widen the holistic knowledge of first aid within the sector.

The modules were delivered in verbal format, with pictures of accidents, and focused on the best format of treatment if ever Rural Skills staff and students had to deal with situations that required first aid.

The refresher course was enjoyed by all the staff involved and the positive feedback was an indication of the value of knowledge and discussions made on the topics, as well as updating their RFAW qualifications.

The course set a really proactive opportunity for future inclusions of such positive modules to address modern incidents/accidents in areas of concern.

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