Declan’s back on track thanks to additional support

Student studying

There’s more support in place than ever and we’re doing everything we can, and more, to ensure our students continue to thrive and study effectively during the lockdown period.

That’s the message from Borders College, who are continuing to deliver all of their classes remotely and understand the challenges faced by students.

Declan is one such student who has been provided with additional support to help him through his studies. Currently studying on the Introduction to Sport and Uniformed Services, the Glasgow student, who lives in Selkirk, has found the lockdown period very stressful, with feelings of isolation taking their toll.

Realising the effect this was having on him, the College put in place a number of support packages to help Declan overcome the issues he was having. One to one sessions with therapists and frequent study sessions with the Borders College Student Support team have meant he is now on schedule to complete his course.

Having been plagued with IT issues, the College also provided Declan with the technology needed to support his ongoing learning, including the loan of a laptop and dongle to allow him to access his work material and keep in touch with his tutors and support teams.

Declan commented:

“I’m extremely appreciative of the support Borders College has provided at this difficult time. Having the technical and one to one support in place has made all the difference, as I was initially falling behind with my course work.

“I would encourage any student who is finding things difficult to reach out and ask for help, don’t be embarrassed to ask. I did and the tutors and support teams have been amazing.”

Support, whether that be technical or emotional wellbeing, is essential in the current climate and the College has delivered this through a number of schemes put in place to help students reach their targets.

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