Food hygiene top of the agenda for candidates

Elementary Food Hygiene

Food hygiene is essential for any business who provide a catering service, and Borders College Department of Enterprise and Business Innovation recently accommodated this through the delivery of the REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene course at their Edinburgh campus.

A group of candidates from a number of local catering establishments signed up to the one-day course, which teaches them about safe working practices, food poisoning prevention and pest control – all essential in ensuring their places of work meet the required standards.

Food business operators are required by law to ensure that food handlers receive appropriate supervision and instruction/training in food hygiene in line with their work activity, enabling them to handle food safely.

Providing food for other people through catering and retail establishments also means being aware of food safety legislation, so attending the course was vital in ensuring these areas were covered.

REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene is a professionally and nationally recognised certificated course, which provides training in the principles and practice of good food hygiene.

Feedback from the candidates was very positive, with collective comments including:

“Best course ever and easy to understand, as English is my second language.” “Great course.” “Very useful information - Thank You.”

The attendees now look forward to putting their new found knowledge in to practice, helping their employers to keep their food hygiene standards at the highest level.

To find out more please call a member of the Business Skills Team on 0131 667 5345 or email:

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