Laptop loan ensures effective learning for Laura and her family

Laura Green with son

Used to support both teaching and learning, technology is essential in the modern-day learning environment and Borders College is delighted to be supporting students in whatever way they can.

Laura Green is one such student who has been helped through her studies by taking advantage of the Laptop Loan scheme, introduced at the beginning of the first lockdown.

The device has given Laura access to all the learning tools needed for her course work, enabling her to study more effectively from home during these challenging times. Thankful for the additional support, she said:

“Having a College laptop helped me to do all the work needed to complete my course. I was able to communicate with lectures via video call and send in video evidence. 

“The laptop provided was fast, easy to use and without that, I would have struggled to do any of the work, as I also had other kids at home sharing the same home computer. 

“My son Ewan was also studying an HND course. I can’t thank the College enough for providing me with the laptop. It helped me and my family."

The College has loaned out over 600 devices in the last 12 months, including the latest HP ProBook laptops and Apple Macs, as well as MiFi Vodafone dongles, which provide students with internet access.

Borders College will continue to support students like Laura and is committed, more than ever, to student achievement. Being able to provide laptops and other devices to those who don’t have the technology at home is essential.

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