Over 500 loaned devices ensure effective learning continues

Woman using laptop

Used to support both teaching and learning, technology is essential in the modern-day learning environment and a scheme introduced by Borders College has ensured students studying from home can do so effectively.

The end of the last academic year, as well as the start of the new term, has seen over 500 devices delivered to students who don’t have their own computing devices at home.

The latest HP ProBook laptops and Apple Macs have been delivered to students in towns throughout the Scottish Borders. These give them access to all the learning tools needed for their course work and enable them to study more effectively from home during these challenging times.

As well as this, the College has also provided around 15 MiFi Vodafone dongles, which provide students with internet access to aid connectivity.

Head of IT Scott Moncrieff said:

“The College is committed to student achievement and being able to provide laptops to those who don’t have a computing device at home is essential.

“Any students who find themselves in the situation that continuing their education is not possible because they don’t have an appropriate device should contact their course tutor or achievement coach, and they will make the appropriate arrangements.”

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