Pensions Agency benefits from first-class customer service training

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Customer service is important for any business, providing value, long-term business success and positive relationships between the organisation and stakeholders.

Nine members of staff from a wide range of departments within the Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) recently undertook World Host: The Principals of Customer Service online training, with all participants successfully completing the course.

Covering areas such as positive first impressions, customers’ needs and expectations, service excellence, the importance of a positive attitude, as well as effective communication and positive lasting impressions, the course provides a gold standard in training for anyone wishing to work in a business that relies on day-to-day interaction with customers.

This provision has previously been undertaken by members of staff at SPPA and, prior to COVID-19, the course was offered on-site at Tweedbank, where candidates would work on a range of activities to help refresh and inform their skills and knowledge of customer service.

Due to the current situation, this approach was not possible so the provision was adapted to enable it to take place online, using webinars and breakout sessions. The online course allowed the participants to achieve the qualification over two half-day sessions.

Although some of the activities were different to those of the face-to-face sessions, the group were able to work together and generate useful skills and knowledge in the ‘virtual’ environment.

Some excellent feedback was given, including the following comments from the individuals who attended:

“Trainer positive, friendly, engaging and inclusive.”

“Refresher helpful with continuous improvement.”

“Reflection on skills and the importance of a positive attitude.”

“Excellent workshop – would highly recommend this course.”

“The trainer understood our business really well and was genuinely interested.”

If you are interested in World Host: The Principals of Customer Service online training, click here for more information.

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