STEM Hub Hawick Employers’ Launch

The STEM Hub in Hawick, a resource for local businesses in the construction and renewables sectors.

  • Come to our free event and see what we have to offer at the STEM Hub, whilst enjoying a bacon roll. 

  • Discover funding options for training, courses, resources and equipment that we have available for you to utilise. 

  • Hear from industry on the skills they are looking for when recruiting. From thermal imaging, ground source heat pumps, BIM to sustainable construction methods and more, we are here to help you upskill, stay current and innovate.

Wed, 19 February 2020 - 08:30 – 10:00am.

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STEM Hub in Hawick

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Hub is a space to celebrate all of the aforementioned, with a focus on Construction. Within the Hub, there are examples of the latest technology within the industry for use by students, staff and employers. We want the Hub to be an asset to the community as a whole and a space to inspire, educate and innovate. 

Technologies within the Hub will include thermal imaging, 3D printing, virtual reality, various construction and design software, amongst other things.

With cutting edge thermal imaging technology we are hoping to be able to enrich the skills of our students in plumbing, electrical engineering, construction and develop an emphasis on renewables. Thermal imaging will also be available to local employers in order to be trained or to use the equipment to enhance their business and expand their skills and services.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the use of design software to fully integrate the various phases of a build (wiring, plumbing, architect’s plans) seamlessly before a build starts. This enables efficiency throughout the build and of the building itself. BIM combined with virtual reality (VR) is a powerful tool for teaching, learning and for businesses to help clients envisage a project from the design stage. Having this available to students and local businesses can enable upskilling in the sector and help keep the South of Scotland at the forefront of construction.

3D printing is a very useful tool and the future of manufacturing on an increasing scale. Having 3D facilities available at the hub can provide the means for local businesses and students to learn about this method of additive manufacturing or to utilise it to make bespoke parts for projects. 

These technologies will form the foundation of a STEM hub that intends to stay and develop at the cutting edge of technology within the construction sector, in line with the needs of the area to make sure the South of Scotland can continue to grow some of its best assets.

Eco Room Hawick
The Eco Room is the newly built section of the hub, it utilises a Passive House approach to ensure high energy efficiency; making best use of new materials, superinsulation, triple glazing and solar gain. Passive House design ensures airtightness and creates a space that is self-ventilating. Using the footage recorded from all stages of the build, virtual reality will enable learners to immerse themselves each aspect of the build and see how different materials are used to maximise efficiency. 

Environmental monitoring and thermal imaging will help to demonstrate how the methods used to build the Eco Room differ from more traditional structures. The principles of airtightness can be exhibited using airtightness testing kit and training can be provided on this to students and local businesses alike.

Renewables Room Hawick
The Renewables Room aims to facilitate the training of our students, apprentices and local businesses on the latest developments within the renewable energy sector. Consultation with local industry and businesses will help us to focus in on what is best for the region and support the South of Scotland in being skills rich in the developing field of renewables.

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