Wattie’s on the road in response to Covid crisis

Wattie Dodds

The Borders community is full of heart-warming stories of those who are helping fight the Covid Crisis in any way they can at the moment.

Facilities Team leader at Borders College Wattie Dodds has already helped prepare specialist Care Hub beds for use at the Louisa Jordon Hospital in Glasgow and now has taken to the road to further help NHS Borders.

Wattie volunteered to drive three other drivers to collect minibuses from East Kilbride.

Karen Shakespeare, Project Change Manager, Transport Hub at NHS Borders commented:

“These vehicles are to be used by NHS Borders to transport patients to various destinations throughout the Borders as part of our COVID-19 response.

“It is crucial that we all work together, especially during these challenging times, and we are grateful once again for the support of Borders College.”

Wattie went on to say:

“I, and all the members of my team, are only too happy to be redeployed and help out by doing whatever is required of us – no matter how menial the task may seem.”

Wattie, a ‘weel kent face’ in Galashiels, has worked at the Scottish Borders Campus for 29 years and is looking forward to retirement later on this year.

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