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As a challenging college year draws to a close, the Students’ Association finished their year off with an emotional and uplifting final event. The BCSA Oscars ceremony was a celebration of the most inspirational people across the college community. Of course, as we have become accustomed to during pandemic life, it all happened online.

“She goes the extra mile every time and all of our lives are enriched by having her here.” Support Staff who have gone Above and Beyond winner, Claire Ritchie

Over 80 nominations were received across seven categories, including ‘Support Staff who have gone Above and Beyond’, ‘Most Fun Online Lecture’ and ‘Kindest Student in College’.

“To have Joanne as a lecturer this year was to have a lecturer who cared, and at a time us students needed it the most.” Lecturing Staff who have Gone Above and Beyond Winner, Joanne Ayling

Amy Brydon (Students’ Association Support Officer) commented:

“After such a touch year we wanted to put on an uplifting event that gave folks at college a chance to celebrate their achievements. As a Students’ Association, we felt it was really important to give students the opportunity to let staff know just how much they have helped them through this year. It has been really tough for so many in our college community - the reactions from our winners and runners up really showed just how much the awards meant to them. Fingers crossed we can roll out the actual red carpet next year and celebrate in person again!”

“She is the kindest wee soul I have come across. Her support the presence within class is outstanding” – Becky Murdie, Kindest Student in College winner


Support Staff who have gone Above and Beyond

Sharon-Anne Young, Achievement Coach (Health & Social Care)
Helen Chisholm, Student Welfare Advisor
Susan Whyte, Borders Young Talent Mentor
Keith Nairn, Independent Learning Facilitator
Debbie Wheelans, Achievement Coach (Early Education & Support Programmes)
Claire Ritchie, Achievement Coach (Rural Skills) & Welfare Advisor
Hayley Shields, Animal Care Technician)
Travis Emond, Learning Support Assistant
Lee Wilson, Learning Assistant
Emma Halliday, MIS Administrator

Winner: Claire Ritchie

Lecturing Staff who have gone Above and Beyond

Elaine Henderson, Lecturer (Catering & Hospitality)
Jana Chandler, Lecturer (Childcare)
Judith Tait-Brown, Lecturer (Health & Social Care)
Sean Denson, Lecturer (STEM)
Elaine McPherson, Lecturer (Care)
Gert Riddell, Lecturer (Rural Skills)
Elma Graham, Lecturer (Business)
Liesa Hamilton, Lecturer (Hairdressing & Beauty)
Joanne Ayling, Lecturer (Business)
Fiona Steel, Lecturer (Rural Skills)
Lauryn Hogarth, Lecturer (Higher Human Biology)

Runners Up: Judith Tait-Brown and Gert Riddell
Winner: Joanne Ayling

Most Inspiring Staff Member

Elaine Henderson, Lecturer (Catering & Hospitality)
Judith Tait-Brown, Lecturer (Health & Social Care)
Elaine Macpherson, Lecturer (Care)
Mary Thomson, Curriculum Learning Manager (Rural Skills)
Joanne Ayling, Lecturer (Business)
Katharine Mathieson, Director of Enterprise and Business Innovation
Robert Hewitt, Facilities Manager
Fiona Steel, Lecturer (Rural Skills)
Lynn Findlay, Lecturer (Psychology)
Gert Riddell, Lecturer (Rural Skills)

Winners: Katharine Mathison & Robert Hewitt

Most Fun Online Lecture

Carol Reid, Lecturer (Health & Social Care)
Audrey Graham, Lecturer (Core Skills)
Catriona Foxworthy-Bowers, Lecturer (Business)
Alan Tweedie, Lecturer (Rural Skills)
Andrew Johnson, Promoted Lecturer (Rural Skills)
Fiona Steel, Lecturer (Rural Skills)
Sam Anderson, Lecturer (Supported Programmes)
Judith Tait-Brown, Lecturer (Health & Social Care),
Lesley Johnson, Learning & Teaching Enhancement Specialist

Winners: Carol Reid, Alan Tweedie and Andrew Johnson

Most Inspiring Student

Gemma Crombie (HND Childhood Practice)
Arran Hunter (Higher Health Care)
Andrea McLachlan (Higher Social Care)
Samantha Neilson (Hair & Beauty)
Shannon Leisk (Horsecare)
Shauna Murdie (Farming)
Susan Turner (Animal Care)
Chantelle Welsh (Hair & Beauty)
Lisa Glasgow (Higher Health Care)
David Shewan (Higher Health Care)
Emma Brown (Animal Care)

Runner Up: Chantelle Welsh
Winner: Shauna Murdie

Kindest Student in College

Paula Douglas (HNC Childhood Practice)
Etta Murray (Higher Health Care)
Angie Hinton (Higher Social Care)
Ludmila Valuta (Animal Care)
Rachel Murray (HND Business)
Darren Eastland (NC Agriculture)
Kayleigh Lavinia James Neillans (Child, Health & Social Care)
Gemma Crombie (HND Childhood Practice)
Lyn Slater (Higher Health Care)
Becky Murdie (Higher Health Care)
Tom Martin (Animal Care)

Runners Up: Darren Eastland & Gemma Crombie
Winner: Beckie Murdie

Open Award

David Shewan (Higher Health Care)
Jimmy Louth, Curriculum Learning Manager (STEM)
Bruce Winwood, Workshop Assistant
Karen Jack (HND Business)
Beauty Therapy Team
Vicky Tromans (Higher Health Care)
Lachlan Fountain (Higher Health Care)
STEM Lecturers & STEM Achievement Coach

Winners: Jimmy Louth & Karen Jack

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