BMG benefits from first-class customer service training

World Host class

Customer service is important for any business, providing value, long-term business success and positive relationships between the organisation and stakeholders.

Customer-facing staff from Border Motor Group, based in St Boswells, recently undertook the World Host: The Principals of Customer Service course with the Department of Enterprise and Business Innovation (DEBI), with all participants successfully completing the course.

As an organisation where customer service is at the core of the business, with the primary objective to ‘offer customers a memorable experience both online and at the dealership’, the course focused on the benefits of excellent customer service.

Staff members, which included Rachael Linton, Edward Fell, Kayleigh Young, David Sherratt, Lindsay Richardson and Sam Miller, learned about positive first impressions, customers’ needs and expectations, service excellence and the importance of a positive attitude.

The course provides a gold standard in training for anyone wishing to work in a business that relies on day-to-day interaction with customers.

Some positive feedback was given, including the following comments from the individuals who attended:

“I have learned today the value of treating customers with respect.”

“All aspects of the workshop will help me in my everyday work and I liked the way the course was presented. The trainer made sure we were all involved in the various activities.”

Susan Rennie, Accounts Manager for Vocational and Commercial Provision, said:

“This training has been supported by funding from Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF) and is just one course that Border Motor Groups are benefiting from.”

If you are interested in World Host: The Principals of Customer Service training, click on the following link for more information.

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