Borders College will play a key role in unlocking innovation in Scotland

Group of staff and students in immersive space room

Borders College prides itself on being one of the most innovative colleges in Scotland, and the recent publication of the Scottish Government’s Innovation Strategy 2023 to 2033 has highlighted the important role the college will play in reaching Scotland’s goal to be a fairer, more equal, wealthier and greener country.

The strategy includes a vision for Scotland to be one of the most innovative small nations in the world and highlights key markets with four broad innovation themes on which future activity and funding will focus: Energy Transition, Health & Life Sciences, Data & Digital Technologies and Advanced Manufacturing.

These are key areas of expertise and growth for Borders College, with several projects aligning with the themes. This puts the college in a strategically important place for funding associated with the strategy and the realignment of innovation funds alluded to in the SFC Tertiary Review.

The strategy recognises Scotland’s colleges as important parts of the country’s economic infrastructure. It sees the knowledge-based economy of the future being developed as a partnership between academics, industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Borders College Principal Pete Smith commented:

“Borders College could not be better placed to play a key role in delivering the Scottish Government’s Innovation Strategy. As an innovation champion, we need to build on areas where we already have a competitive advantage, and that is certainly true of the ground-breaking projects happening here.”

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