Fleming Homes staff upskill thanks to DEBI and Graitec collaboration

Fleming Homes Building

As part of their Flexible Workforce Development (FWDF) funding application through the Department of Enterprise and Business Innovation (DEBI), Fleming Homes staff underwent training to develop the skills and knowledge of five of their employees.

The aim of the courses was to upskill the Design team, which included, Gordon Cook, Murray Talbot, Asher Humphrey-Martin, Ethan Sneddon and William Pate.

The team were introduced to new ways of working to assist them in better collaboration between the tools they use for design – namely Advance Steel and Revit.

Working in partnership with Graitec Ltd, the DEBI were able to meet the training needs of Fleming Homes in the upskilling of their staff.

Robert Merriman from Graitec commented:

“We delivered a range of Advance Steel and Revit training as online courses to the delegates from Fleming Homes, across a range of scheduled courses and customised content specific to their needs.”

The delegates were engaging and willing to ask questions, which made for an excellent training experience.

Sarah Mathison, Managing Director of Fleming Homes has been liaising with Susan Rennie, Account Manager for Commercial Short Courses and Vocational Delivery within the DEBI, with regards to arranging the training.

Sarah said:

“Access to the Flexible Workforce Development Funding stream, with support from the DEBI at Borders College, has enabled Fleming Homes to access a variety of training modules to support the company’s transition from AutoCAD to Revit BIM software.

“In addition to the productivity gains that Fleming Homes are looking to achieve for the business through the software change, the training itself has been instrumental in helping to upskill our team and support their professional development.”

Fleming Homes employee Gordon Cook commented:

“The Revit Essentials course provided a comprehensive overview of the software that has allowed me to transition well into my new role.

“The training made the move from CAD to Revit as smooth as possible and was effective in introducing new systems concisely. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in using Revit for the first time”

Fellow employee Asher Humphrey-Martin also commented:

“The Advance Steel Course provided the opportunity to build on my previous Advance Steel training, making me more effective at managing projects and collaborating with our manufacturers.

“Through the custom training, we were able to identify specific areas of the software and our processes that needed attention and thoroughly address them through one-on-one time with the trained experts. Both courses were an effective way to continue to improve our knowledge of Revit and Advance Steel and to fill in any gaps not covered in our initial setup and training.”

The DEBI is currently working with Fleming Homes to assist in a further funding application for 2021/22.

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